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Take the entire showroom or workshop with you anytime anywhere

PrevioXR | Open Experience XR Cloud

Your premier VR/AR showroom solution

Provide the complete customer experience

Realistic 3D Visualization

Overcome the limitations of traditional

360 degree VR/AR content and offer a truly

immersive VR showroom.  

VR/AR Concurrent Experience

Enable multiple users to explore the VR/AR

environments with engaging experiences

and content.

Virtual Interactive Presentation

A VR/AR product demonstration can be

delivered with robust interactive toolkit.

Absolutely Customizable

With different formats for different objectives, budgets, and deadlines, our virtual reality does offer something for everyone.

A Guide to the VR/AR showroom

Our VR/AR showroom takes your 3D models and describe effectively with embedded functions.

Showcase your product

Bring your entire models and options
Attract and keep customers

Simply gather multiple users to specific point of view, allowing them to share all the information about product.

Our VR/AR showroom can show every configuration of

your product.

VR/AR simulation

Ensure a better understanding of how product work
in real environment.

Explore and operate

Find all possible combinations
Mobile AR Cloud

VR/AR Workshop

Our VR/AR Workshop enables collaborative experiences to be shared between multiple users. 

With VR/AR Workshop, VR/AR content created by one person remains in the world exactly where they placed it,

even after they turn off their device. 


 This allows customers to see with interactive 3D catalog on their mobile device. 

Shared model can be updated in real-time to allow for increased collaboration.



Dynamic & Concurrent Features

Concurrent exploration

Up to 5 users can engage

in VR or AR.


Embedded media link

Any content available

without limitation.


3D VR part change & animation

Configure different options 
and learn hot to use.

VR simulation

Realistic operation of 

the product.

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