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Multiple users can concurrently engage in VR.





unique technology for Simulation-embedded human-interactions.  Beyond the common animated VR/AR content, it empowers the user to operate the VR/AR model in real time unlimitedly. 

Dynamic reality denotes our ability to build simulation-embedded VR/AR contents. It distinguishes PrevioXR from most of the common VR/AR contents which are merely animated. PrevioXR offers a virtual imitation of the operation of the client's product or service. The VR model of PrevioXR virtually represents the key characteristics, behaviors, and functions of the product or service. A common VR/AR model only represents the system itself, whereas our simulation-laden VR/AR model represents the operation of the system over time.

The Concurrent Experience of PrevioXR signifies the concurrence or parallelization of virtual experience. Up to five users can engage and interact in the virtual experience with the unique functions of PrevioXR such as presenter rotating, voice chatting support, drawing & editing, and other interactive features. It can completely replace the face-to-face meetings required for the management of sales and relationships with particular customers.

 [VR/AR Content Authoring Tool] is a software package which developers and lay users can use to create and package VR/AR content deliverable to end users. [VR/AR Marketplace] is an e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas the marketplace operator processes transactions.

The VR/AR content authoring tool will be very user-friendly. Lay users who are non-developers could easily create VR/AR contents using simple [drag & drop] and [selection]. The VR/AR marketplace will be the primary type of multichannel e-commerce and can be a way to streamline the production process.

PrevioXR develops ever-evolving VR & AR solutions for various purposes.

Build your own VR & AR encounters for engagement, collaboration, and learning.

VR/AR Showroom

Invite your audience to visualize, explore, and operate 3D products in virtual space.

VR/AR Workshop

Allow customers to instantly visualize and customize products with interactive, 3D catalogs by mobile devices.


PrevioXR develops an ever-evolving "VR & AR platform" of various solution services for virtual engagement, collaboration, and learning. 

Based on our concurrent experience and dynamic reality technology, PrevioXR provides an integrated VR & AR encounter for engaging experience, open collaboration, and dynamic learning of multiple types of users including your customers, employees, and partners.

A new dimension for the management of engagement, collaboration, and learning

Holistic Engagement

Users can concurrently explore the space, sometimes beyond the narrative, to seek out salient details.  This exploration becomes much deeper, more vibrant with other users. 

Virtual Realism

The simulation of PrevioXR virtually represents the key characteristics, behaviors, and functions of the product or service. A common VR or AR model only represents the system itself, whereas our simulation-laden model represents the operation of the system over time.


PrevioXR | VR/AR Showroom

This solution service completes each
and every customer experience.

Our Open Experience XR Cloud

Is able to accommodate multiple types of users in your value chain regarding their various experiences.

Inspire Users

Virtual collaboration with anyone at any location

Boost Sales.jpg
Boost Sales

Maximize vivid customer experience
and leave an memorable impression

Save Costs

Reduce costs in your value chain

Yacht floating in the middle of the ocea
passenger airplane is waiting for depart
Excavator loading truck with soil on a c

Our VR & AR solutions are for multiple industries. 

Industrial equipment & machinery
Luxury mobility
Building & construction

PrevioXR’s VR & AR solutions are multi-purposeful

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